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VOC and Formaldehye

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) include a variety of gases which are harmful to human health. One of the gases - Formaldehyde, release period up to 3-15 years

Our Technology

Our PhotoPlasmaTM technology capture the air pollutant, then decompose to harmless elements rapidly such as CO2 and H2O etc

  • Eliminate indoor formaldehyde and other VOC effectively
  • Reduce Odor, Bacteria, Virus, Mold, Fumes, Smoke, and other airborne impurities
  • The technology can destroy H5N1 viruses, Listeria monocytogenes, E.coil 0157 and Surface bacteria which approved by lab report
    (Source from CNRS, The National Scientific Research Centre and FDA Certified Laboratory – Tri-Tech Analytical Laboratories)
Formaldehye Reduction Service
  • According to the conditions such as space & air quality, using VOC Blocker and different kinds of air purifiers to provide 1 time treatment
  • VOC Blocker can penetrate to those small cracks of the material surface, which formaldehyde & VOC cannot be released
  • Exceptionally strong adhesion ability, applicable to all types of materials. Strong and chemically stable after coating is dried