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VOC and Formaldehyde

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) include a variety of gases which are harmful to human health. One of the gases - Formaldehyde, release period up to 3-15 years

Formaldehyde Reduction Service
  • According to the conditions such as space & air quality, using Nano Catalyst and PDC-NANO air purifier to provide 1 time treatment*
  • Decompose harmful substances without reacting with light source
  • Nano Catalyst can penetrate to those small cracks of the material surface, which formaldehyde & VOC will be decomposed
  • Actively release reactive oxygen species, kill germs and decompose harmful substances in the air, then convert them into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide
  • PDC-NANO air purifier won 2021 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions - Gold Medal
*The method of Formaldehyde Reduction Service may be adjusted according to actual environmental conditions
Our Technology

Protected by National Invention Patent and practically non-toxic