Pay Attention to your Indoor Air Quality which may lead to a negative impact on your family's health!

You may stay indoors almost all day no matter you are in the office or your home. Indoor pollutants such as PM2.5, TVOC and other harmful gases may lead to headache, tinnitus, itchy eyes, sneeze, throat pain and chest tightness, etc.
An air purifier may help you to improve your health!


RA 488 Air Purifier Rental Plan

  • Highly effective to filter 99.97% of PM0.3 air pollutant by using H13 HEPA filter such as pollen, dust, smoke and mold
  • Having high-efficiency UV disinfection, eliminate 99.98% of bacteria*
  • Formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and TVOC can be reduced
  • Only 9 mins to clean up  the entire indoor area#
  • Can monitor and control the air purifier easily by a mobile app
  • Low noise level
  • Size: 460(L) x 230(W) x 620(H) mm
  • CADR of particulate and formaldehyde are 488 m³/h and 100 m³/h respectively
* Tested by Guangzhou Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology, and used staphylococcus albus as the test strain
# Assumption: 20 m² if ceiling height is 2.4 m at cleaning rate of one air change for particulate

Rental Plan Details


HK$229/mo. with 24-month contract

HK$199/mo. with 36-month contract


During the contract term, we will provide the following full set door-to-door services once in every 12 months free of charge:

  • Surface cleaning of the equipment
  • Cleaning of the pre-filter and anion generator
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the water tank
  • Maintenance of the particle sensor
  • Replacement of the air filters (cold catalyst filter, activated carbon filter, antibacterial cotton filter and H13 HEPA filter)

Besides, door to door service once every 12 months, extra set of filters (cold catalyst filter, activated carbon filter, antibacterial cotton filter and H13 HEPA filter) will be delivered and you can change it after 6 months


Terms & Conditions: 1)HK$990 deposit will be charged for each air purifier and will be returned at the end of the contract period; 2)For the above service plans, Renaud Air Limited has the right to decide whether to provide new equipment according to the actual situation. But Renaud Air Limited guarantees that new filters must be used in every service; 3)Renaud Air Limited may revise these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice. If any dispute arises, Renaud Air Limited's determination shall be final


7-Stage Purification Process

  1. Pre-filter: filter dust, dander, pollen, floating debris and other particles larger than 5 microns
  2. Cold catalyst filter: remove formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC and other harmful gases through catalytic reaction but does not produce secondary pollution
  3. Activated carbon filter: absorb all kinds of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and ammonia with a removal rate of 99%
  4. Antibacterial cotton filter: destroy cell wall of bacteria, rupture and the cell membrane without leakage, terminate the process of microbial metabolism and growth
  5. H13 HEPA filter: filter dust, pollens, virus, mold, germs, pet dander and particles larger than 0.3 microns with a high efficiency of 99.97%
  6. UV light sterilization: break down the DNA strands of bacteria, causing the crosslinking of nucleic acid and protein to break up, killing off nucleic acid’s biological activity and causing bacterial death
  7. Anion generator: combine indoor dust, smoke and bacteria, which usually have positive charges together and lose the ability to float freely in the air, hence, purifying the air

You can understand the indoor air quality by the panel's colour: red (very unhealthy), orange (unhealthy), blue (moderate) and green (good)


Testing Report

Please free feel to contact us for details or

you may enjoy our free air test service before making a decision.